365 Photography Project Day 9

Today I woke up sick. Not just a normal sickness, not a cough here, a sneeze there sickness. I woke up body aching, hot, sweating, throat swelling up and feeling like I tried to swallow sand paper. I don’t know what going around here in Pennsylvania, but I caught it. I caught it bad and it kicked my ass today. I slept and drank Theraflu for a majority of the day, and I swear it saved me. While I type this out now I feel so much more better now than I did at 5:45 am today. I credit this magic elixir to making me feel so much better in less than 24 hours. So while I have my 4th cup since when I woke up, I leave you guys with. Try and avoid whatever is going around. Cause it felt like strep on steroids for most of my morning.