365 Photography Project Day 7

True Life, I’m a Sneakerhead. Real deal though, right before the baby was born I was buying a lot of sneakers. From when I got my first job at 16 until today. I’ve been buying sneakers, wearing and collecting from then. My favorites are Nike Foamposites, the classic Air max 95s and of course Jordans. My all time favorite Jay’s have to be the 11s. Most Jordans are not as comfortable as you think they would be after spending $190+ on them. But the XI’s just fit around your feet and ankle perfectly and they feel natural. There’s no tightness around your toes or scraping on the heels. I love kicks, I love matching kicks, I love rocking kicks. It’s one of the things I’ll be handing down to my son. Sneakers are just a big part of my life.

Day 7.jpg