365 Photography Project Day 8

Hilltop Candle Co. Is ran by my best friend and his wife. They started the company in 2015 and have been running strong since. I only saw a small process of how the candles are made, but I know Deb puts her heart into each jar she fills. This isn’t an ad, he didn’t ask me to write this or post this. This is just love for my bro and his company. Plus the candles do smell really good. They’re better than run of the mill store bought candles, last long, and smell fantastic. I suggest buying one, trust me you’ll thank me later when you have these in your home. Watching them grow the company from a small apartment on the kitchen stove to the professional setup they have today has been really cool. Definitely been a good learning experience in business as well.

If you’re interested in buying one of their candles you can do so here

Source: Not an ad, Just love these candles.