dragon ball super

365 Photography Project Day 14

Looking at this picture I know die hard fans can hear the theme song from when it was on Cartoon Network. I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z. I loved the show, the art, the fighting, the dialogue. Yeah there were definite times it DRAGGED out unnecessarily, but when they finally got to the fight scenes they were always worth it. The show grew up with us. We were able to see all the Z fighters “grow up” alongside us, and that’s why some of us have such a connection with the show. It definitely has a special place in my heart and even today 29 year old Chris, I will watch the old DBZ episodes and the new super episodes. The new movie comes out this week and I’m excited for that lol. One of these days I will have a lot of these collectible toys and allow Elijah to open them up if he wants to play with them.