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365 Photography Project Day 16

I can promise you, in a MAJORITY of Hispanic households they have a theme with an animal. I have 2 aunts who love cows. 1 especially all over the kitchen with anything you can think of. In our house, we have turtles. There’s 4 in the living room then there’s like 2 in our bedroom. They’re hidden sometimes lol. It just seems to be a theme that most Hispanics naturally pick up. They don’t intend on having themes but next thing you know, you have 6 items with a chicken on it, or like my best friend instead of an animal he had this fat Italian chef on several items lol. Angie loves turtles so it makes sense that they’re all around the house. I tend to just forget they’re there. I’m more surprised we don’t have pet turtles.


365 Photography Project Day 13

Let me tell you about these macaroons. You think you’ve enjoyed a good treat, but you haven’t. You think “these cookies are the best”, don’t lie to yourself like that. These biscuit/cookie combo, flakey, tasty, sweet, lightly crunchy, delicatessens are amazing. Low key/ High Key best little treats I’ve had. It’s even better that it’s made from an old friend in a shop that Melanie Lino co owns, LIT. She’s been baking for years, and I can attest that she puts her all into everything she bakes. Every treat I’ve ever purchased from her hits the nail on the head and blows me away. If you ever want to get me a gift, or treat me to something special, buy me macaroons from her. I’ll love you forever. Seriously do yourself a favor, and go down to LIT and place an order. You’ll thank me. I don’t steer people wrong with suggestions.

365 Photography Project Day 11

Today is a self portrait. This scar has been with me for 2 decades. This scar, is me. This scar has been one of the biggest reasons I have never gotten behind the wheel of a car while I was drunk. I was hit by a car when I was roughly 9 years old. Honestly I don’t remember the exact age and I have to ask my mother to give me the date. It was the summer of 98 I believe. I remember vaguely riding my bike around a corner that I had ridden around over 100 times. Literally right around the corner from my house in Lawrence, MA. I had hit a patch of dirt on the sidewalk of this interesting intersection that had a hill. I rolled into the street and from there what I can piece together is that I tried to get up, and this car driven by a guy with his 2 nephews and was not paying attention came up the hill. He was looking in the back seat as he came to the top of the hill and turned, heading directly towards me. His side mirror made contact with my face. It was curtains. I had a fractured skull, and this huge gash above my eyebrow. I was out for a while. Couple days. When I woke up my eye was swollen shut and I stayed in the hospital I think for 2 weeks total. It’s grown on me and has become a part of my identity. It serves as a reminder daily, to pay attention to the road.


365 Photography Project Day 9

Today I woke up sick. Not just a normal sickness, not a cough here, a sneeze there sickness. I woke up body aching, hot, sweating, throat swelling up and feeling like I tried to swallow sand paper. I don’t know what going around here in Pennsylvania, but I caught it. I caught it bad and it kicked my ass today. I slept and drank Theraflu for a majority of the day, and I swear it saved me. While I type this out now I feel so much more better now than I did at 5:45 am today. I credit this magic elixir to making me feel so much better in less than 24 hours. So while I have my 4th cup since when I woke up, I leave you guys with. Try and avoid whatever is going around. Cause it felt like strep on steroids for most of my morning.

365 Photography Project Day 8

Hilltop Candle Co. Is ran by my best friend and his wife. They started the company in 2015 and have been running strong since. I only saw a small process of how the candles are made, but I know Deb puts her heart into each jar she fills. This isn’t an ad, he didn’t ask me to write this or post this. This is just love for my bro and his company. Plus the candles do smell really good. They’re better than run of the mill store bought candles, last long, and smell fantastic. I suggest buying one, trust me you’ll thank me later when you have these in your home. Watching them grow the company from a small apartment on the kitchen stove to the professional setup they have today has been really cool. Definitely been a good learning experience in business as well.

If you’re interested in buying one of their candles you can do so here

Source: Not an ad, Just love these candles.

365 Photography Project Day 7

True Life, I’m a Sneakerhead. Real deal though, right before the baby was born I was buying a lot of sneakers. From when I got my first job at 16 until today. I’ve been buying sneakers, wearing and collecting from then. My favorites are Nike Foamposites, the classic Air max 95s and of course Jordans. My all time favorite Jay’s have to be the 11s. Most Jordans are not as comfortable as you think they would be after spending $190+ on them. But the XI’s just fit around your feet and ankle perfectly and they feel natural. There’s no tightness around your toes or scraping on the heels. I love kicks, I love matching kicks, I love rocking kicks. It’s one of the things I’ll be handing down to my son. Sneakers are just a big part of my life.

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