365 Photography Project Day 11

Today is a self portrait. This scar has been with me for 2 decades. This scar, is me. This scar has been one of the biggest reasons I have never gotten behind the wheel of a car while I was drunk. I was hit by a car when I was roughly 9 years old. Honestly I don’t remember the exact age and I have to ask my mother to give me the date. It was the summer of 98 I believe. I remember vaguely riding my bike around a corner that I had ridden around over 100 times. Literally right around the corner from my house in Lawrence, MA. I had hit a patch of dirt on the sidewalk of this interesting intersection that had a hill. I rolled into the street and from there what I can piece together is that I tried to get up, and this car driven by a guy with his 2 nephews and was not paying attention came up the hill. He was looking in the back seat as he came to the top of the hill and turned, heading directly towards me. His side mirror made contact with my face. It was curtains. I had a fractured skull, and this huge gash above my eyebrow. I was out for a while. Couple days. When I woke up my eye was swollen shut and I stayed in the hospital I think for 2 weeks total. It’s grown on me and has become a part of my identity. It serves as a reminder daily, to pay attention to the road.