365 Photography Project Day 5

William Allen High School. I attended from 2003-2007. Man, I miss high school but not in the sense of I miss doing school work. But I miss the feel of being with friends, cracking jokes in the hallway as we passed each other, skipping classes at time to head to the McDonalds down the road lol. High school was a fun time for me, I graduated (barely) but mostly because I slacked off a lot and wanted to have fun. I met some amazing people in that school including my best friend Jay. Allen, scholastically wasn’t the greatest school. But it was a good school overall. A lot of the teachers really tried, some didn’t. I made friends with a few of my old teachers, like Ms. O’keefe or now and days Mrs. Schlossberg. I give her a lot of credit, she was my 12th grade English teacher and gave me the opportunity to express who I was to excel in her class. Years later I’m not sure exactly how I did grade wise but I feel it was good lol. She let me rap instead of write papers like the other kids had to. I wrote a rap for Frankenstein. It was fire trust me. I miss the halls of this school, I miss my old shenanigans. I miss my old friends. High school is a time where you get to see all your friends daily, almost like work. Soon as you leave your circle starts getting smaller and smaller until you eventually have your group of friends you couldn’t be without.