365 Photography Project Day 3

“There is always something happening around a beer” Truer words have not been said about beer. That quote was directly from Freddy Heineken, at least that’s according to the site lol. I don’t know much about the beer except the fact it’s from Amsterdam. Now at the ripe age of 29, I enjoy it. It’s not my go to every party, I usually opt for Blue Moon. But me and Heineken have a history. It was the first beer I tried, no not as an adult, but as a kid trying to sneak a sip while the adults partied and didn’t notice they left a beer unattended in the kitchen. I was 8 years old and laid my eyes on this beautiful green bottle that was right out the freezer and just sweating on the counter. I had always seen the adults drinking, so I figured “this has to be delicious. They drink it all the time and never offer us some.”. I have never spit out anything faster than that beer. As a kid it was the most horrendous thing I could have tasted and it kept me far away from beer for the next 10 years. This is an ode to you my friend, though at first you were disgusting, now you are very delicious. Don’t forget to drink responsibly.