365 Photography Project Day 2

So I’m catching up from a delay! My apologies. Day 1 is on facebook and if you’re interested you can see it right here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10218056740797886&set=a.1345148996608&type=3&theater Day 2 is my dog Dozeeeyyy. His name is Dozer, I rescued him from the Humane Society in 2014 the same day I got back from my honeymoon. Funny story about Dozer. I would go to the Humane society every week for months on end. At first I went in with my wife just looking for a dog, and then the first day we went in I saw Doze. From right there I was instantly hooked with him. I would visit and walk him weekly getting him used to me. I was hoping we would be in a position soon enough so that I can adopt him. Somehow he was available for 6 months! From visiting so much and speaking with the staff of my then upcoming wedding someone was nice enough to cover the adoption fee for me. It was a very exciting the day, the day we came home from our honeymoon and instantly headed right over to the Humane society and picked him up. Since then he has been a huge part of our family. I love that dog so much. Day 2