365 Photography Project Day 17

I BOUGHT A NIKON D50! A 14 year old camera lol. Look at this thing, it for sure has seen much better days. I bought this bad boy for a whopping $39! $39 bucks, from Adorama. It came with the charger and battery. It’s a little dinky guy and I’m excited to actually take it out and shoot with it. I bought this camera to prove a point. It’s not the gear, it’s the user. A lot of people tend to tell me “Oh Chris you’re work looks so great, your camera takes amazing pictures”. It’s not the camera, it’s the user! Even some amateur photographers do it. They have the misconception of, if they spend more money on a better camera, they’ll be a better photographer. Since I’ve started I’ve always heard this from pros and it’s been the advice that stuck with me that I give out. Invest in glass if you’re going to spend money. Buy lenses or flash units. You don’t need to upgrade right now especially if you don’t fully know the capabilities of your current camera. Some people jump for no reason, and then barely shoot. Trust me with the camera you have, you can produce award winning work. You just need to know your camera, and hone your skills. Always invest in lenses and or flash units way before you invest in a new camera. You’ll see the work I’ll put out with a $39 camera.

Day 17.jpg