365 Photography Project Day 13

Let me tell you about these macaroons. You think you’ve enjoyed a good treat, but you haven’t. You think “these cookies are the best”, don’t lie to yourself like that. These biscuit/cookie combo, flakey, tasty, sweet, lightly crunchy, delicatessens are amazing. Low key/ High Key best little treats I’ve had. It’s even better that it’s made from an old friend in a shop that Melanie Lino co owns, LIT. She’s been baking for years, and I can attest that she puts her all into everything she bakes. Every treat I’ve ever purchased from her hits the nail on the head and blows me away. If you ever want to get me a gift, or treat me to something special, buy me macaroons from her. I’ll love you forever. Seriously do yourself a favor, and go down to LIT and place an order. You’ll thank me. I don’t steer people wrong with suggestions.