365 Photography Project Day 12

Me and a friend woke up at 6am, and took a trip to NY Saturday morning. We had found out they were destroying the old Tappanzee bridge, and we wanted to go photograph it. I mean how cool is it to see an old bridge explode and capture dope images of it. Only problem? We found out WHILE we were there, they had decided to postpone the demolishing for another day lol. So we drove out almost 2 hours and didn’t get to see what we went for. But while we were on a pier we decided “Let’s make the best of what we have here”. So we shot things in the area. I took this close up of this small rock measuring no bigger than 8”. But I took it at an angle to resemble a mountain side. That’s the fun part of photography. You can create what you see and it’s our job to show you the art in the simplest things. So though we didn’t get to see a bridge explode. I still got some cool shots!